Snowhoney’s NotD: Birthday Edition (Part 1)

Hello everybody!

Today – finally – a new Nail of the Day from me. Sorry that I have been kinda absent the last few days, I was busy. But now here I am and I wanna show you two of my new polishes that I am already in love. Newly in, first time on the nails and it is love BIG TIME. I wore this for my birthday on sunday and got some compliments. It was just pretty, sparkly and went amazing with my teal and white dress. (It was just a quiet birthday with my family and my bf’s family, the party will be on wednesday)



Can you tell why I love these polishes? KBShimmer’s “Teal Another Tail” is so freaking amazing. Teal, glittery and it dries semi-matte but with a shiny topcoat… oh my goodness! KBShimmer says:
Teal Another Tail is dusty teal green polish with a strong pink almost duo-chrome shimmer. A color I imagine would be on a mermaid’s tail.  Micro holographic glitters ad a bit of shine.  This polish can be worn without top coat for an almost velvet look, or apply top coat to bring out the shimmer.  Best in two coats.
Two coats to reach this perfect look of awesomeness (maybe longer nails will need a third coat). It held perfectly, it was easy to paint on and not that easy to remove, but hey that is how it usually is with sandstyle polishes – although this is not exactly a full on sandstyle polish, but it is kinda similar. Try it on and you will see what I mean.

My accent nail is Love Thy Polish’s “Marine Dream”. A great green-blue holo and you might think I would already have this colour… but no. My holo-stash was completely green-blue shade free. And because it looked so pretty teal-y in the bottle, I thought would look amazing paired with Teal Another Tail. What do you think? Do you like the pairing?



I have bought/ordered both these polishes (along with a few others) from Harlow & Co. – great experience for me, even if one bottle of polish broke in transit (which was certainly not Harlow & Co.’s fault as it was neatly packed). I contacted the customer service and they answered quickly giving me the option for a refund or a replacement. I asked for them to send a replacement and am currently still waiting to get that one, but they were really nice and fast. Loved it.



Are you ordering KBShimmer polishes already? 😉


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