Guest Appearance! A Sister’s Sister – That One Shade of Grey

Dear Nailpolish addicts,

today is a very special day for our Sisterhood! After celebrating our 100-post-goal back in March, we’re having another premiere today: our first guest appearance. That One Shade of Grey tells you the story of a Sister’s Sister, namely my – Munderoon’s – sister, who isn’t exactly a Nailpolish maniac, but has a thing or two for classy, unique colours, which go perfectly with the cool, but chique style of a big and busy city. And I think it’ll speak to us on the very basic level of finding the right shade, which is almost always the hardest thing to do…

That One Shade of Grey
Sometimes you have something on your mind, be it a skirt, a book, a colour . . . You try to figure out for yourself, where you got that idea in the first place or what exactly it is that makes it sensational. Well, in most cases you don’t know why, but you just know it is sensational and that it doesn’t leave your mind either. You gotta have it. But how?
I had this perfect grey in mind for ages (or at least what felt like ages), nailpolish-perfect-grey you guessed it. The idea in my head was vague, so I searched in the usual places for it, roaming through the offers from the known brands. Be it Essence, OPI, Catrice, p2; even Chanel, YSL or Dior. Zero. Nothing.
Well, not literally. There were all kinds of grey. But not the one I had in my mind. Then, one day approaching Douglas, searching for something else, I caught in the corner of my eye this nailpolish. And there it was. Perfect grey. Like, the one.
But the only thing left was the sampler. Argh (I turn into a pirate for occasions like that. Pirates of the Caribbean part 1-3. Not 4). Perfection. Almost. Searched again, with that sampler in my hand, had a look at other brands. Zero.
But hey, this is capitalism, right? Fresh supply is (almost) always a must.
So finally, last week, there was it again. The grey that resembles a lot the fur from that one cat in that one add on TV. Grey-blueish, velvet-esque.
Shop: Douglas
Brand: Anny; Nr. 355 “velvet chinchilla”
Pro’s: Perfect grey; reasonable price
Con’s: needs at least (!) two layers; not exactly a spring/summer colour


Do you have had a similar problem in the past and were able to find the one, the perfect shade?

Let us know!

And if you’re still looking for some summer-nail-glittery, check out Nell’s Challenge Part II, which was superb!


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