[Sisterhood Challenge] Nell and the Pink Glitter pt. 2

Maybelline 125 Enduring Pink + p2 Lost in Glitter 070 go crazy

Yes, guys, I know you know that pic already, but I am under a little time pressure at the moment and I couldn’t let my sisters and you down again by slacking on the blog (I am slacking on my private one instead -.-). Either way with this picture I did wrap two posts into one, I hope that’s okay.

Now the challenge was to use go crazy in a major way in an every day mani and remember how I was not happy with my last attempt? With this one I am very happy though. I am not sure this is what Munderoon had on mind when she said ‘major’, but I think that go crazy is so pretty and eye catching on its own that it will stand out no matter what. I love my mono chrome combos and I think they are a little more wearable for day to day, too so I paired it with Enduring Pink. If you’ve read my Spring/Summer Picks post you’ve read my raving about this color. So pretty, so glossy, maybe not perfect but very nice.

On my ringfinger you can see 3 coats of go crazy. It is opaque in three coats and super sparkly. The removal was not as much of a pain in the ass as I thought it would be. It came off rather nicely with nailpolish remover and a cotton round, the glitter didn’t stick too badly to the nail.

What do you say, Munderoon? Mission accompli?


One thought on “[Sisterhood Challenge] Nell and the Pink Glitter pt. 2

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