Snowhoney’s NotD: Berry Dots

Hello everyone!

Today I am showing you a polish you just saw recently… in Munderoon’s April Favourites! She posted a pic on Instagram and I had to ask her what polish that is because it looked vaguely familiar. The answer was “Be berry now” from essence and tada… I had bought the exact same polish a couple days before and love the colour too. Great minds think alike, huh?! 😀


But plain berry nails are too boring so I tried to work on my dotting skills and I gotta say I like the progress though it looks too hard on my nails here. I think I should’ve dotted with a lighter colour to make the look more pretty. But the dotting is pretty good considering I have done this only a couple of times. Learning in progress!

As I didn’t have much time, I went for essence’s Back in Black for the dots. Both polishes are one-coaters and really some of my favourite polishes ever! It doesn’t get much better than a one-coater to be honest. The dry time is pretty good and if you work with a great fast dry topcoat you will hardly notice that you even did your nails recently.



I am in love with Be Berry Now! It’s a really perfect colour for summer and spring and I can’t wait to wear it again! Are you a fan of berry polishes too?


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