Snowhoney’s NotD: Harvest Moon

Hello fellow nail junkies!

First of all, greetings from Hamburg as that is were I am when this post comes out 😉 I am on a little trip, partly work-related and partly vacation/freetime.

Here is my Nail of the Day, which I have shown yesterday on my personal blog for Lacke in Farbe … und bunt! a blogparade on German blogs. Basically, the idea is to go through your stash and find a colour that fits the colour that was required for this wednesday by the two girls that started that parade.

Yesterdays colour was copper and all I found that met this requirement is this:


Not the perfect copper, but hey, I think it’s valid. This is Harvest Moon by China Glaze (Capitol Colours LE) and what a beauty that is! I can only tell you that I have been staring at my nails since I painted this. Love it.
The formula is rather fluid and thin, but still holds on to the nail rather good so you don’t risk it running all over the place. Two coats for me and if you have longer nails, you might wanna add a third layer but oh boy, it is so pretty! I topped it off with a topcoat as it has to stay with my while I’m travelling.



Do you like it and do you own any polish from the Capitol Colours LE (Hunger Games)?


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