Nell’s Nailpolish Organization Attempt #2

Yep, guys. I did it again. Seriously I can’t go 3 months without re-organizing my polishes. This time I hope it will last longer, though. I finally took the plunge and sorted by color, as I felt I was losing control and couldn’t remember what colors I have and which shades are not in my collection (yet -.-) I didn’t count, though, because I felt that would give me a bloody heart attack. It was bad enough that my dad stumbled in when I had all my polishes out on the floor (minus the top coats), but see for yourselves:

Photo 01-05-2014 22 23 37

I sorted everything in some sort of color wheel and then transferred it into the boxes. Like I said I left out the toppers and my more expensive polishes (MAC’s and YSL). And here are the results:

Photo 01-05-2014 23 17 43

This is probably my favorite box. It just looks so pretty to me 🙂 That and I never realized how many purples I had (and there is one more in my untrieds box *oops)

Photo 01-05-2014 23 17 49

This box is basically all greens plus some golds, apparently I am also a sucker for light green polishes, oh well…

Photo 01-05-2014 23 17 57

And last but not least the grays and blacks. One adjustment I had to make, though. I had to pull all the taller polishes like OPI, Manhattan etc. and sort them in separately so the boxes would sit right on top of each other, but that’s okay, of those I know anyways which I have.

For now this seems like a better solution than the one before, plus I love sorting stuff by color, is that weird?


Anyways, which system do you prefer? Sorted by color or brand? Sound off below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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