Snowhoney’s April 2014 Favourites

Hello to another favourites post!

This year is flying by like crazy, isn’t it? I can’t believe it is already May. Where is time going and why do I not have as many things done as I wanted to have done by now? *sigh* Life’s a b***h.

But let’s not talk about uninteresting things like my life. Here are my April Favourites:


The base colour shown here was my “didn’t expect this” product. I’ve gotten it in a box and honestly as I did not know the brand at all, I didn’t expect much of anything. Well, I was proved that just because I don’t know something, it doesn’t mean it’s not good. Perfect spring/pastel shade of blue and very easy to wear.


My second favourite is this classic red shade you’ve seen only recently. Another “I didn’t expect this” polish for me because of its amazing, perfectly opaque one-coat ability. Seriously, the last polish I expected to really be perfect in one coat is a classic red. This one is. I really need to look at the other colours from this range!

What were your favourites in April?


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