Nell’s April 2014 Favorites

Photo 30-04-2014 20 24 07

Photo 30-04-2014 20 25 43

Oh boy, what a month. A whopping 10 different nailpolishes all of them untried and I still have 8 to go -.- To be fair three of those ten were new purchases *naughty, but what can I say: they were on offer and/or I’m an addict. Oh boy.

I was very tempted to say it was a month of the creams but in reality out of the ten above exactly 5 were creams. So, as that theory went out of the window I actually couldn’t chicken out of picking out my favorite polish over all.

Here is my pick. It is actually a sneak peek at a post that will be up over the next two weeks as I have started to curate a little selection of my favorite colors for spring/summer this year, because as the weather finally got a lot nicer this month I started to feel all kinds of summery, but here goes:

essence beach cruisers keep calm and go to the beach (needed the flash here to make the gold visible, you can see it quite well in reality though in most lights)

essence beach cruisers keep calm and go to the beach (flash)

Photo 26-04-2014 11 21 46

keep calm and go to the beach (natural light)

I picked the turquoise sand from the new essence beach cruisers collection. It is marvellous: Opaque in two coats, very gritty but with a subtle golden shimmer AND it works with my über pale skin but would look also great on a tanned or generally deeper skin. On top of it all it also lasted very long, despite going to work on two consecutive days and working bare handed (which normally kills any nailpolish out there even with the better than gel nails top sealer) I barely had any tip wear and no chipping and obviously I wore it without top coat. I’m in love!

What was your favorite polish this month? Any summer picks yet?


2 thoughts on “Nell’s April 2014 Favorites

    • thank you so much! yeah, at the moment there are a lot of great ones out there, i feel like the summer months are really great for polish 😀

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