Munderoon’s April 2014 Favourites

Dear Polish-People!

Welcome to the first round of Favourites in April on a bank holiday here in Germany! 🙂

The weather has been great on the one hand in the past few days – sunny and warm! – and on the other hand total crap (sorry, but I hate thunderstorm and heavy rain!). Plus, April was my moving out month, there was a lot of stress involved, so I wanted to have a long lasting polish, that could also keep up the mood in case of bad weather.

And lets say, guess who came to the rescue again? Well, it’s Essence!

IMG_20140420_130355IMG_20140420_130419This is “Be Berry Now!” by Essence (first one in dimmed sunlight, second in full fledged artifical camera light) and it is absolutely perfect for a strong, berry summer colour! I just love it, it’s the perfect mixture of a rich red with a good mix of a borderaux kinda colour. (If I’ll ever manage to find a lip stick with the exact colour, I might be the happiest girl in town! Recommendations are very welcome 😉 )

If you apply only one layer, it looks a bit lighter – a shade that could absolutely be worth an investment, if you ask me – and when you apply two, it’s perfect. And well… it survived most of the moving stress, which means it gets extra points for staying with me!

In the end, it also worked out nicely topped with a little glitter – you might know by now that I try to top off everything with glitter. *yey*20140421_121639

So, on the brink of summer – do you have favourite colours already?

Let me know!

Happy May, polish people!

xoxo Munderoon


PS: Have you seen the first two Sisterhood Challenges made by Nell and Snowhoney? I very much approve! 🙂


One thought on “Munderoon’s April 2014 Favourites

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