Nell’s NotD: [Travelling Nailpolish] Different Dimension Black Dahlia

Photo 23-04-2014 10 33 48 Photo 23-04-2014 10 34 42

This polish travelled to me from Snowhoney’s realm and I wore it over easter. It is a dark gray/black holo with a purple sheen and blue/green/purple glitters. We all know my obsession with darks and holos so this along with my beloved Darling Diva Raven is like custom made for me and it is really pretty.
The holo effect is not the strongest of them all but the added glitter makes sure there is always something to look at. It was opaque in 2 coats.
I wore it over my p2 ridgefiller to make sure the surface of my nails was really smooth and to protect it I added my essence top sealer. The polish lasted quite well on my nails.

This is the second Different Dimension polish that I really enjoyed, one of these days I will place an order, they have really amazing stuff.


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