Sisterhood Challenge: Snowhoney’s Red Madness

When we had our Nailpolish Party (which by now is quite some time ago – shame on me!) Munderoon assigned Nell and I a challenge. This is a new thing on the blog and we want to try to make it something that comes and then comes again and so on. A staple. Munderoon gave each of us a polish that we had to fulfill a challenge with.

I got a Lost in Glitter polish from p2 (just like Nell) but mine is a bright red that is called “love dramatic!” (010) and Munderoon wanted to see this one included in my manicure as an accent nail. No problem, I thought, I can do this. At least it was only an accent that was demanded, because as you might know by now: I’m not that much a fan of glitter (mainly because I hate to get it off!).

Try number 1:



I have no idea why I thought that this kinda orange and the red glitter would look great together, but hey, everyone is allowed their moment of… uhm, don’t know, can I call this weirdness? I was definitely crazy when I came up with this idea oO but, however, it was a try. Nothing to be repeated.

Try number two:



That is better. I decided to do a “Lady in Red”-Look this week. I was on vacation, truth be told, but I would have worn this classic red to office as well. You can never go wrong with a classic red shade, can you? My base colour here is “Anna (02)” from Douglas Absolute Nails. I’ve received this polish in my first ever Douglas Box-of-Beauty which was all about nails. Let’s be honest, I would have never bought one of their lacquers if it wasn’t a unique colour but now I actually might. I was so surprised by this formula: streak-free, wonderful buttery as it glides onto your nails perfectly and – attention all lacquer-lovers out there! – opaque in one coat. Oh and it dries rather quick and very glossy too. It blew me away formula-wise!
Yes, shown above is really just one coat on all my nails except my accent nail which is p2’s Lost in Glitter 010 “Love Dramatic!”. This one took three coats to be opaque and I think I should have just layered it over Anna as it was a pain in the ass to remove from my nails. Layering glitter too much is always a decision I end up regretting :/ but hey, my nails survived.

The colour of Anna is a classic bright red that you can always wear but you will always have to pay attention to as it can look messy real quick. Fortunately, this polish was a real dream to paint and to maintain on my nails. Slight tipwear after three (!) days only. I really have to look into other colours of this range.



So what do you say, Munderoon? Challenge met? Have you seen what you wanted to see?


2 thoughts on “Sisterhood Challenge: Snowhoney’s Red Madness

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