New In: Nell’s Catrice Haute Future Haul and Swatches

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Hey there, guys!

I am giving my untrieds box a rest today to show you two of the Haute Future polishes. One I bought myself and the other was a surprise gift from Snowhoney ❤

Let’s begin with the one I bought myself:

Photo 12-04-2014 23 21 28

C05 Gem Into The Future

Gem Into The Future is not per se a disappointment but fact is, if you were able to snatch up Holo Manolo from the Luxury Lacquer LE you won’t need this one.
In the bottle it is a silver holo with blue to pink iridescent flakeys. I actually really like this idea. My indie holo Raven from Darling Diva also has duochrome flakeys and they tend to come out when you can’t see the holographic effect which is really nice, so you always have something to look at. However, in the Gem Into The Future the flakeys virtually disappear from the nail, you can only see them from a specific lighting in a specific light. This means 99% of the time this polish looks like Holo Manolo. The formula on this was quite thin and sheer but the polish was still opaque in 3 coats and drying time was okay. I am not too upset that I bought it, at least I won’t have to worry about ever running out of silver holographic polish ever again.

02 Never Green Before

C02 Never Green Before

Never Green Before is a bajillion of turquoise/pool blue glass flecks with a golden flash in a sheer slightly deeper turquoise base. Unortunately my camera flat out refuses to pick up the golden flash.
Again the formula was thin and sheer but on three coats it was fine. This polish is an absolute beauty. It glistens and glitters like nobody’s business. I know this is supposed to be an electric blue tying in with the futuristic theme but to me this screams summer. The blue reminds me of pool water, the golden flash gives me the hint of a golden sanded beach. I suspect I will wear this quite a bit in the summer when I’m in the mood for a flashy color.

I painted both colors over the p2 Ridgefiller to guarantee a smooth surface and under essence better than gel nails top sealer for extra gloss. Generally I am happy with the two polishes, they are gorgeous, what worries me however, is that both were 3,45€ as opposed to the regular Catrice price of 2,75€. The polishes in the Luxury Lacquer collection came in at the same price but I let it slide because these polishes were really special: holo, jam-packed with glitter, etc. but a simple glass fleck for 3,45€? I feel like after the price increase in the last range update we are in for another one soon and I’m not sure I like that.



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