Snowhoney’s NotD: Flowers are blooming

Hello πŸ™‚

Today I wanna show you my most recent attempt at mastering something essential in nail art design: flowers. Those are apparently very simple and I wanted to try exactly how simple they are and if I would be able to do some.

I’ve read on several blogs that flowers (the most basic form of them) are easy to do and require only a dotting tool or – if you want to make a slightly more complex attempt – a brush. Well, let’s say I stayed with the most basic flowers out there for beginning. I am not a great nail art artist (yet – we’ll see if I get better), so please be kind πŸ˜‰

first try ever

first try ever (base: NYX “Soft Teal”)

It actually is extremely easy! I love how it can give your design/manicure something airy and joyful and even colourful without being something you couldn’t wear to the office (depending on your colour choices and office of course ^^). Nobody minded where I work though I suppose if I had important meetings, people would mind a bit.
Here is my second attempt and for this one I got a ton of compliments… weird as I am not very happy with it myself. It’s shaky. But hey, for a beginner I guess it’s okay. And it still looks nice after a couple of days so…


second try (base: Filthy Gorgeous London “Tea Bird”)


1. Paint your nails with a basecoat. Let it dry completely.
2. Paint your nails in a colour of your choice. This will be the base for your design. Let it dry completely.
3. Take your dotting tool and the colours you want to use for your flowers. Pour a little bit of the polishes you chose on a plastic film or projector slide or whatever. Then take some colour up with your dotting tool and place 4-5 dots in a circle next to each other. Take your second colour and put a single dot in the middle of your circle. Let it dry.
4. Seal your design with a topcoat.

Sounds easy, right? It actually is, but making it look good is somehow not as easy as it sounds. I think my two attempts at this are okay, but give some (meaning a lot of!) room to improvement in the future.



Have you worn flowers on your nails before? If you try, link me a pic so I can see how pretty your flowers are! Orf if you have any tipps, feel free to share them in the comments πŸ˜‰


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