Nell’s NotD: [Untried] OPI From Me to Q

OPI From Me to Q (3 coats + top coat)

OPI From Me to Q (3 coats + top coat)

Man, I had such high hopes in this one, it looks like such a nice raspberry pink in the bottle, on the nails however it is just another cool deep red. I have two (fail) different versions of this in my stash already. One of them I might give away to a colleague because she really liked the color.
Back to the one we have sitting here right in front of us. It took three coats to get this opaque, other than that it was really nice to apply. OPI has one of my favorite formulas. I painted it over a coat of OPI Nail Envy and topped off with essence better than gel nails top sealer. I had a little trouble with the drying time here. I applied it several hours before bed time and still had fabric marks in the morning. Other than that there is not much to say about this one. It’s good, but maybe a little boring (what a spoiled brat I have become…)
I believe this was a limited edition for qvc but if you like the color and you can get your hands on it I can recommend it, essence may have a similar one out at a much lower price point, though.



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