Munderoon’s March 2014 Favourites

Dear nailys!

To round things up, here are my March 2014 favourites. And just as my sisters, the month was big concerning Holos and more Holos, so my decision is quite easy!

2014-03-15 23.33.24

Once again, you see the picture of Liquid Sky Laquer’s “Glistening Coral”. I can’t say anything but positive things about this beauty, because it’s so shiny and just absolutely great, I had to stare at it quite a while myself. Plus, since I’m still looking for Sailor Moon polish, this one opened a whole nother drawer of Holo polishes for me, which might be in the run for the job!

I’m quite positive that I’ll lay my hands on this pretty polish, since I like how it transforms my quite chubby fingers in something more petite. You see, I can only recommend this beauty and I hope some of you might get inspired to try this one out!

See you (in the next few weeks of) April!




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