Nell’s March 2014 Favorites (and Plans for April)

Photo 02-04-2014 22 12 06

Hey guys,

it’s faves time again. I had thought intially that this month would be really holo themed but it turns out that glitter took over. I took a first attempt at the sisterhood challenge and afterwards I played around with a travelling polish. My favorite this month has to be the mani I did at our Polish Party though, just looking at the picture reminds me of the great time we had. Which polishes I used you can read ->here.

left hand

left hand

right hand

right hand

Now, when it comes to April I want to put it under a bit of a theme. In March some other nailbloggers did untried manis, etc. to get all those pretty yet- to- be- tried-polishes on the blog. I want to do something similar in April. I have quite a few polishes that I bought but haven’t worn yet and April will mark the attempt to get all of them painted and reviewed on the blog. In the pic below you can see what is coming your way.

Photo 02-04-2014 22 18 56

I hope you had a lovely month of March! Here’s to a sunny, springy April. Read y’all soon!


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