Snowhoney’s March 2014 Favourites

Hi there!

It’s this time of the month again… oh yeah. I’m always dreading this moment when I have to decide what has been my favourite nail polish of the month, because let’s face it: this is a tough decision! Especially when you have a) so many and b) are so ludacris and need to paint a different colour every two to three days (and yeah, that is hard sometimes because I am also lazy!).

But oh well, by now you all know that I am a holo-natic (get it? i’m fanatic about holos ^^) and so what else could be my favourite polish but a holo? I’ve just shown you the remaining missing holos from the Luxury Lacquers and Holo in One (the green/teal polish) is my absolut favourite from the range! Perfectly easy to apply and stunning & opaque in two coats. It’s just a pleasur eto work with this and let me tell you: I do not regret buying all those holos! Unfortunately I only have the pics of Holo in One as accent nail:


My favourite colour green and some holo? Totally up my street and I’m sure I will wear this one over and over again with no regrets!

But I’ve got one question for you: How bout some easy nail art? Would you like to see more of that on the blog or do you enjoy the plain polishes?


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