Snowhoney’s NotD: Holomania Part 2

Hello everyone!

We have been showing off some of the colours from the Luxury Lacquers Limited Edition by Catrice before – click here for Nell’s post on two of the four Holos from the LE and click here for my post about two of the four chameleon shades. Today, however, I wanna show you the remaining Holos, because – as you all know – I love Holos and snatched up all of them (it was quite a hunt!).

First off, ApHolo 7 – a blue holo, that was what Catrice aimed at and while they got the basics right, I would have wished for it to be a bit more blue. It is a beautiful polish and the holo effect, while rather basic compared to indie’s, is visible and pretty. But well, it is only light blue and if you can’t compare it to another colour directly, it looks more silver-y than anything else. That is why I had an accent nail to make sure you can compare 😉




And the last remaining one to finish up the whole Luxury Lacquers Holo offer is “Plum me up Scotty” and with this polish I have a similar problem. Well, nothing too bad right, but it could’ve been a bit more purple/lila/lavender-y in my opinion. Still love it as it is as great in formula, texture and opacity as the other holos from this Limited Edition. I’m sorry I only have one rather dark pic for you of this polish, but others got lost :/ sorry. But you can see the colour pretty good as it is pretty colour accurate!


What do you say? Is it blue/lavender enough for you or would you have wanted more colour too?


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