Nail Mail: Head over Heels in love with Liquid Sky Lacquer

Hey ho everyone!

Today I wanna share my second nail mail that I teased you about here. This time I’m showing you my extreme order from Liquid Sky Lacquer. I have had a few of her polishes and I loved them, but before she showed her Valentine’s Collection I wasn’t aware that I NEED more of Carolyn’s polishes in my life, but I did. Here is what she send me:

Liquid Sky Lacquer Haul

Liquid Sky Lacquer Haul

Did you count? Ten polishes my friends, ten polishes! Oh and I am so in love with them! Carolyn makes amazing thermals, stunning holos and what not else. I just really love her choice of colors. Here is what I got:

1) Just Lucky

1) Just Lucky
Just Lucky is a thermal changer that’s like the gold and red envelopes some people receive during Chinese New Year. When warm, the polish is gold, and when cold, the polish is red with a gold shimmer.

2) Candlelight Dinner

1) Candlelight Dinner
Candlelight Dinner is a opaque wine colored polish with sprinkling of fine holographic dust throughout!

3) 24Karat Rose

1) 24Karat Rose
24Karat Rose is a thermal changer that when cold is a bright pink with gold shimmer, and when warm is gold!

24Karat Rose - cold state

24Karat Rose - transition state

24Karat Rose - warm state
I was surprised to find this polish being a bit sheer, but three thin coats to make it opaque are still fine. The pink is so beautiful as the gold shimmer is very visible and all over. In warm state, when you have the overall gold colour, I find this polish to still be a bit sheer, but nothing too visible. A beautiful gold shade that you will love!

4) Glistening Coral

1) Glistening Coral
Glistening Coral is a coral extreme holo polish.

5) + 6) The Valentine’s Day Duo
– Love is in the air

1) Love is in the Air
Love Is In The Air is a light holo polish with fine pink flakes throughout in a white/silver base.

Liquid Sky Lacquer "Love is in the Air"

Liquid Sky Lacquer “Love is in the Air”

Three thin coats to make it opaque, but probably two thicker coats would have done the job too. Very lovely “office shade” as the silver base comes off to me as a light rose base and the little pink flakes are precious but not flashy at all. But your nails will still stand out!

– Thinking of you

1) Thinking of you
Thinking Of You is a light holographic polish with purple flakes in a white/silver base.

7) Violet Explosion

1) Violet Explosion
Violet Explosion is a very glittery slight textured purple polish.

8) Bad Ass Nails

1) Bad Ass Nails
Bad Ass Nails is an extreme deep blue holo.

9) Emily’s Sky Is Always Blue

1) Emilys Sky Is Always Blue
Emily’s Sky Is Always Blue is a deep fluorescent blue slight holo polish!

Emily's sky is always blue on pinky and index finger

Emily’s sky is always blue on pinky and index finger

10) Leprechaun’s Gold

1) Leprechauns Gold
Leprechauns Gold is an opaque green polish with a gold shimmer!

Liquid Sky Lacquer "Leprechaun's Gold"

Liquid Sky Lacquer “Leprechaun’s Gold”

2 coats to make it opaque. The gold shimmer is visible and  just beautiful as it makes the green more complex.  This is an amazing green polish that I already loved in the bottle, but love even more now that I saw it on my nails.


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