Sisterhood Challenge: Nell and the Pink Glitter pt. 1

When we had our Nailpolish Party this past week end Munderoon assigned Snowhoney and I a challenge. She gave us each a polish that we had to fulfill a task with.

Mine is a very pretty pink p2 Lost in Glitter polish (070 go crazy) which I was supposed to use as a basic in my daily manicure.

p2 Lost in Glitter 070 go crazy

p2 Lost in Glitter 070 go crazy

1) I strayed a bit from the task and 2) I underestimated that polish.

I focused more on the daily manicure part and painted all but the ring finger with an old essence nude glam polish in 04 iced latte, a pinky nude and one of the few that don’t look completely awkward with my skin. The ringfingers I painted with p2 Sandstyle in 030 seductive, because I know one of my favorite youTubers Julie of Kokiriaufeis likes to layer her Lost in Glitters over her Sand Styles. Last but not least I painted one coat of go crazy- and was shocked how pigmented that jelly base was. go crazy is three different sizes of silver glitter and small dark blue glitter in a pink jelly base. Here is the result:

Photo 18-03-2014 11 16 05I have to admit go crazy over that light base is a bit out of my comfort zone, I really like the accent nail though.

Photo 18-03-2014 11 57 01The iridescent green/golden glitter of seductive peeks through the pink base and gives a really cool effect.
I had expected the base to be really sheer and not as pigmented as you can see above and for some reason I really can’t stand those semi-sheer colors over a light base (hence my complete inability to wear essie’s shake your $$ maker, won’t get opaque on it’s own and the combo with a white base makes my skin crawl).

I will try again though. Wearing two or three coats of go crazy makes me a little nervous because I fear I will never ever get it off of my nails again but that’s what it’s a challenge for, no? To push your boundaries? Once the mani is chipped enough to warrant the removal I will try again.

I painted this mani over the p2 Ridgefiller and topped everything off with my trusted essence top sealer.

Photo 18-03-2014 11 15 32


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