The Sisterhood: Dawn of Spring Nailpolish Party

Hello Nailpolish Girls and Boys!

First of all all the Sisters wish you a happy and relaxed Sunday. After saying that we want to welcome you to the full covered Nailpolish Party we had in a while. And let’s say: it was a blast. Not only on the Nailpolish side, but that’s the main thing we’re going to show you in today’s post.

First of all, we didn’t have a motto but we all kinda knew from the start that we wouldn’t be able to keep it down to one or two polishes. So we threw everything on the table we had and then we tried to decide how to manage all these nailpolishes with only 30 nails to paint.

And here are the results:CIMG4422


We’re starting on the lower picture with Snowhoney’s hand, which is the one with the lovely ring and the fantastic blue nails. Her ‘theme’ was to create a variety of shades of blue. Next stop would be the one below that with the pink Holo and one Duochrome nail. Munderoon’s favourite colour family of the day was something between red and pink, with one accent nail on the next hand – because she couldn’t resist the Doctor Who collection entirely. Last but not least the real candy nails – Nell’s first hand also covers a variety of pink shades and she also closes the circle with a varitey of darker and colder, but nontheless stunning colours!

You see, we were kind of inspired by the icy blue a non existent winter around here would have been and the rosy-red beginning of spring we were able to enjoy this past week. And Nell even caught the mood with a greyish colour, which represented the perfect weather for a Nailpolish Party! 🙂

And here are the detailed reports on each of our manicures!


As you can see in the pics above, I went a little bit less “crazy” than my sisters, but maybe that is because I know my own collection and can paint these polishes whenever I want. I chose to do a skittlette manicure in various shades of blue, as I am rarely wearing that colour at the office and therefore my blue babies are less likely to get onto my nails.



Thumb and middle finger I painted in “Devil in me” from Astor’s Heidi loves Hot Limited Edition. This is a Smooth Velvet Texture or at least that is what Astor calls them. It dries off matte and I have shown you this polish before – click here. Index and pinky are painted with Liquid Sky Lacquer’s “Emily’s Sky Is Always Blue”, a stunning scattered holo that apparently is even fluorescent. Unfortunately, due to lack of a blacklight I cannot show you how that looks. Sorry.  And on my ringfinger(s) you can see the beauty of essie’s “Lots of Lux” which was part of the Encrusted Treasures Collection. Stunning already as a textured polish that dries off semi-matte but a glitter spectacle once you’ve applied a topcoat on top.

I would’ve loved to show you my nails after the clean up, but I forgot to make better pics BEFORE building up my Alex from Ikea (future home of my nail polishes).


As Munderoon mentioned before I went all out, for one I was really in the mood to play and secondly Snowhoney has one of the most amazing indie collections ever. Some of these polishes I knew I had to try, some my sisters chose for me and they do know me very well. Here is the breakdown:

ten polishes for ten fingers

ten polishes for ten fingers

right hand

right hand

For my right hand it kind of happened that I chose a more cool blue/grey/green pattern. The polishes on thumb and index finger I really really wanted to try and then I kinda went from there.
Thumb: ILNP 1st and 15th (Ultra Holo)
Index: ILNP My Boy Blue (Ultra Holo)
Middle: Pahlish The Oldest Question (Dr Who collection)
Ring: Pahlish Mad Man With  A Box (Dr Who Collection)
Pinky: essie For The Twill Of It (Fall (?) 2013)

Photo 15-03-2014 16 02 48

Mad Man With A Box is dries matte and textured but after Munderoon made hers sparkle like crazy with a top coat I had to copy her and it looks amazing! The Ultra Holos by I ❤ Nailpolish are a bloody stunner. I have never seen anything like it before and I am dying to get my hands on a bottle or two of my own. Absolute showstoppers! The Oldest Question reminds me so much of fall with the yellow and orange glitters in the muddy taupey/grey base and we all know how much I love fall right 😀 The girls picked For The Twill Of It for me and it goes beautifully with the theme.

left hand

left hand

My left hand ended up with a kind of warm pinky/purple theme.
Thumb: Liquid Sky Lacquer Violet Explosion
Index: Different Dimension Lucky
Middle: a-England Briar Rose
Ring: Pahlish Crimson, Eleven, Delight, Petrichor (Dr Who collection)
Pinky: Liquid Sky Lacquer Glistening Coral

left to right = pinky to thumb

left to right = pinky to thumb

Munderoon wore Glistening Coral and it looked so great that I had to try it, it is an absolute stunner (also holo *welp). Pahlish’s Crimson, Eleven, Delight, Petrichor is a pink creme with neon pink and coral bits as well as pink and red glitters, this is another one that I can’t wait to get my paws on. I know it is a bit OoC for me with the girly light pink base, but one day I will have to show you the polishes I have accumulated over the course of my search for the perfect baby pink polish -.- This one is extremely gorgeous, though and it was opaque in two coats and completely streak free. a-England is another one of those brands where I can’t stop staring at the homepage. Briar Rose is a rose-shimmer with holo dusting, extremely pretty. Next up is a Different Dimension polish that comes out as a slightly purple-y pink holo on the nails. For some reason I have already chipped that one. No idea, how that happened -.- And last but not least was another Liquid Sky Lacquer in Violet Explosion. Another stunner. Dries textured and somewhat matte, I put a topcoat on, though. It is a deep reddish purple with purple glitter and bigger holo hexes.

What I take away from this is that even though I can’t seem to warm up to Dr Who the series, three of the polishes really have stolen my heart. And, if you are on the look out for amazing holos, go indie (and try I ❤ NP Indie Go *muhaha [sorry, couldn’t resist]). I really had a blast this saturday. It was so nice to just hang out with my girls, talk and paint our nails (which papa Mars suggests  girls should do anyway, if you got this reference I love you). Can’t wait to do it again hopefully soon.


My Nails were taken over by glittery perfection from Pahlish, Different Dimension, A-England, Catrice and Liquid Sky Laquer as you can see in the picture below

2014-03-15 15.56.14

Now let’s have a walk through, shall we? 😉

2014-03-15 23.32.49

We’re starting with my right hand. It features A-England red beauty “Rose Bower” on four fingers featuring “Santa Baby” from Different Dimension. My accent nail is Pahlish’s “Mad Man With A Box” from the Doctor Who collection and it is so beautiful it even gets the non-Whovians 😉

2014-03-15 23.33.24

My left hand on the contrary was all glittery and holo-infected with four nails painted in the stunning and absolutely perfect “Glistening Coral” by Liquid Sky Laquer. This one is about to become one of my all time favourites, since I can’t stop staring at it! My accent nail is the already reviewed Duochrome from Catrice “Chromeo and Julia”, which accompanies “Glistening Coral” in its pink shade, but also puts a little riot out there when turning to its orange kind of side. 😉

Beside painting our nails in all sorts of different colours, we also discussed Blog issues and started working out a new category, which will appear sooner than later – and which might inspire you to some looks and techniques you’ve always wanted to try yourself.

So stay tuned and tell us which polish accompanied the oncoming spring for you so far!!


The Sisterhood


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