Snowhoney’s NotD: Chameleon!

Hello nail junkies!

Today I have two polishes from the Luxury Lacquers Limited Edition. Nell showed you some items from this LE before – click here – and I want to show you a bit more now. Every nail polish fan in Germany has gone crazy concerning these polishes (mainly the holos!) and we haven’t been spared either. I was lucky enough to snatch up the whole holo range (4 shades, plus some extras for my two lovely ladies here) and the two “chameleon” polishes that looked dashing to me in the announcement. And those duochrome polishes are what I want to show you today.

2014-03-10 22.09.12

C08 C(h)ome, Leon! has been the first I was able to get on my first tour to find this LE. It is a wonderful light peach/pastell colour and therefore perfect for me to wear at the office. The duochrome effect is not that amazing aka mindblowing (maybe because of the pastell colour?), but it is visibly there and I think it looks lovely. When you move your fingers the colour changes between the peachy, yellow pastell and a slight pink. Beautiful shift, very discreet but not invisible. I do love it and I’m sure I will wear it every now and then (even though it might clash a little with my skintone, here I don’t care).

2014-03-10 18.35.37

2014-03-10 18.36.48


C05 Chromeo & Julia is an amazing duochrome that I loved from the first encounter with it on the announcement pics. So beautiful! And apparently I wasn’t the only one thinking this as I had no luck finding it in my go-to drugstores. Not one piece! But I managed to snatch it up and what can I tell you? It’s worth the money. Catrice is usually good with duochrome (for a drugstore brand they are so solid, respect!) and these polishes do not disappoint. Opposite to the first polish I showed you, this one is less subtle and discreet but who cares when it changes so beautifully between a wine red and orange with a little hint of gold and copper. I am happy I found this one!

2014-03-10 22.06.22
2014-03-10 22.07.29
I’m sorry I couldn’t catch the colour change, but I can assure you: it’s there and it’s oh so pretty! I was constantly staring at my nails when sunlight hit them 😉

How do you like the colours? Are you a fan of duochromes?


2 thoughts on “Snowhoney’s NotD: Chameleon!

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