Nell’s NotD: Holomania!

You may have glimpsed them in my February favorites before and here they are in more detail:

Catrice launched an all-nail limited edition including 4 holopolishes and I think I can speak for all three of us when I say, those have driven us a wee bit crazy. It took the three of us over a week and travelling to 4 different cities to find all four of them (especially Snowhoney struck gold, I may show you the stuff she hauled for me some time week after next week on my blog. If it wasn’t for her and her resilience I wouldn’t be able to call those gems my own).

But let’s get into it. For now I can show you two of the holos:

Catrice Luxury Lacquers Holomania C03 Holo in One (direct artificial light)

Catrice Luxury Lacquers Holomania C03 Holo in One (direct artificial light)

This pretty turquoise one I found when I specifically went out to go looking for this limited edition. It was the only one I could still find. Even though I was about a day late, all the other ones were already snatched up, these bad boys sell like crazy. If you look at the picture you may understand why, even though it doesn’t do the polish justice.
Holo in One is a turquoise holographic polish, opaque in one coat (I painted two still out of habit). It is not the most fiery holo but it is a very visible holo and no possible lighting can take that away. I applied it over the p2 Ridgefiller and used my essence topsealer to finish. The polish dries semi-matte and the topcoat doesn’t take away from the holo shimmer. It lasted very well and was still going strong when I took it off a couple of days later as Snowhoney gave me Holo Manolo, which she had tracked down for me (after some whining and begging on my part. Man, I really wanted those oO She did not MAKE me beg, I made fool out of myself basically 😀 )

Catrice Luxury Lacquers Holomania C01 Holo Manolo (direct artificial light)

Catrice Luxury Lacquers Holomania C01 Holo Manolo (direct artificial light)

Holo Manolo, different angle

Holo Manolo, different angle

Holo Manolo is a pure classic silver holo polish. On the bottle it says you are supposed to paint it twice, which I did and you can see the result above. I used Munderoon’s Manhattan base coat, as I painted them at our impromptu polish party at her place. Top coat was essence topsealer again.

I am in love with these. There is also a purple and blue one in the collection which are waiting at Snowhoney’s place for me. My sisters and I will be meeting there soon and we may actually do a blogpost about it together. I love our polish parties and generally us hanging out together so much! It may well be one of my favorite things in life 🙂

Whaddaya say? Do you like them? Or do you think holo is sooo over?


6 thoughts on “Nell’s NotD: Holomania!

  1. Den Holo Manolo konnte ich vor ein paar Tagen überraschenderweise auch noch ergattern! Ich finde die Lacke alle total schön, habe allerdings auch welche von anderen Marken mit stärkerem holo-Effekt… (du sprichst deutsch, oder? :D)

    • Wir sprechen alle deutsch (kommen ja aus Deutschland ^^). Wunderschöne Lacke allesamt, aber ja, der Effekt ist bei anderen Marken (vor allem bei den Indies) viel stärker. Holo Manolo ist aber wirklich ein kleines Schmuckstück, hoffe du wirst mit ihm genau so viel Spaß haben wie wir 😉

      • Puh, ich war mir nur nicht ganz sicher, kenne euren Blog nämlich noch nicht so gut!
        Ich denke, der Lack kann mich sehr glücklich machen.. 😀 Habe gerade ein Design mit ihm drauf und finde er funkelt vor allem in der Sonne sehr schön.. 🙂

      • herzlich willkommen bei uns 😀
        oh ja, bei dem sonnenschein sind sie natürlich der oberknüller 🙂 die indie-holos sind absolut eine andere hausnummer, aber ich bin trotzdem ganz verliebt in die catrice lacke. weiß auch nicht so genau warum 😀

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