Nail Mail: Colors by Llarowe

Hello fellow nail enthousiasts!

I had promised you nail mail aka haul pictures and descriptions and here we go. Today I have my smallest of the recent nail hauls for you: Colors by Llarowe.
For a long time, I only admired the colors from afar and never really tried to snatch some in one of the many pre-order phases on the shop. Yes, you read right: Pre-Order. The colors are usually so highly anticipated that they have to make special pre-order times for customers.

One day though I saw a swatch of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and knew I needed that in my life. When I saw an anouncement for the next pre-order phase I just went nuts and tried to make it work out. And it did. I got three colors, two that I have been looking at admiringly and one I just snatched up at the occasion:

2014-02-06 22.57.22

2014-03-09 01.58.39

Above you can see the following polishes:

1) Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Royal navy jelly with intense sparkle.
Perfect name for this really dark blue jelly with the sparkle. Couldn’t have named it better. The polish is rather thick and you need to be careful to let the first layer dry a bit more than usual before applying a second coat. But it is opaque in two coats and with a glossy topcoat sparkles like the nightsky. Loved it on my nails.

2014-03-09 01.43.10

2014-03-09 01.43.17

2014-03-09 01.44.52

2) Unknown Galaxy
Deep teal green jelly base with intense sparkle.
I think of this polish more dark green without teal, but hey, no matter how you describe the colour, it is very pretty. Application on this polish is very similar to “Twinkle, twinkle little Star”: polish is a bit thick, you need to let the first layer dry carefully before applying a second to make it fully opaque and pretty. Maybe I need something to make the polish a bit thinner? Any recommendations?

3) Come Dance the Hora
Silver holo base with micro blue and silver glitters and blue hex glitter.
The only polish of those I haven’t yet worn. It looks pretty on the nailwheel though. As far as I can tell the polish isn’t as thick as the other two and goes on the nail rather well. It glides. Once I ordered it, I forgot and bought essie’s “On a silver platter” as it was so hyped and when I got Llarowe’s polish I thought they were exact dupes. That is why I will show you both of them next to each other:

(this picture will come in later as the pic has accidentally been deleted -_-‘)

As you can see in the picture above, the polishes are different even if ever so slightly. Come Dance the Hora is a silver base while essie uses a base that looks rather golden outside of the bottle. I really don’t think you need to own both of those and I might be trying to find one of them a new home as its probably a polish colour I won’t be wearing often.

Anything on here that tickles your fancy?


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