Munderoon’s February 2014 Favourites

Dear addicts!

After a stressfull month of exams, I’m here to present and to review my choice of February 2014. It is also a premier for me, concerning this brand of polish.

2014-02-16 12.48.07

This is Essie’s “Cocktail Bling” (featuring a highlight nail with golden glitter), a shade of grey (eheheh) which finally suits my ideal image of a nice greyish colour for my nails. I applied two layers of it and I’m absolutely satisfied with how it looks. I can’t wait to use it as a stamping base, because it is perfect for it! I think it is also a good recommendation for decent events and stuff like that.

2014-02-17 10.17.37

Essie’s Cocktail Bling in direct sunlight


What did you love in February? Are there any spring trends you can’t wait to get into your hands?


keep painting,



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