Snowhoney’s February ’14 Favourites

Hello fellow nail junkies,

this month it is so easy and yet so hard to decide for a favourite. I have told you that I have gotten an awful lot of new polishes and – shame on me! – I haven’t shown you all of them yet. I will, I promise! But for the Pahlish ones, I will actually have to wait to receive my second order and then I’ll show you all of them together in a huge blogpost. Why? To minimize the Doctor Who craze for non-fans (how can you not love it?! ^^) to only one post.
My favourite in the month of February has been this awesome green holo from Liquid Sky Lacquer:

Liquid Sky Lacquer "Leprechaun's Gold"

Liquid Sky Lacquer “Leprechaun’s Gold”

Isn’t this one of the most beautiful green holos you have ever seen? I think so and the golden shimmer makes it even prettier and perfect for St. Patty’s day. I might actually wear this polish on St. Patty’s though I’m not yet sure if on it’s own or in a manicure that I still have to determine 😀 but I am in love with this polish.

Do you like green holos?


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