Our 100th post: The Purple, the Dots’n’Stripes and the Heartfelt Crappy

Hey guys,

you may have noticed that we have been a little stumped on the blogwork, particularly in the last week and that was because we have something to celebrate: Our 100th post! I can’t believe it only took us roughly 6 months to get here. Either way we decided to do a little something special to mark the occasion and here is what we came up with: The three of us created a party/anniversary themed mani and on top of it all chose OUR favorite posts of the other two out of the last 99. We hope you had (and still have) as much fun reading our blog as we have writing it! Go ahead and share your favorite post of ours in the comments and now let’s move on to our creations:

My interpretation of party nails could have been practically everything, meaning 10 different nails as I had so many ideas going through my mind. I went from ombré nails (every finger a different shade) over water marbling over striping something over to gradient nails and the new “in-look” destroyed nails. Nope, nothing was tickling my fancy that much after all… and I went through my stash and thought “What colour do you have never really shown before?” and that’s what I went for in the end. And you know what? I have no idea why I haven’t shown you some of those polishes before because they are beautiful.

2014-03-02 16.36.53

Purple/Lilac and whatever else you might call these shades! 5 different polishes and 5 different ways of awesome purple! I found them working rather great together, but as I had to return to the office a day after doing this design, I had to take it down right after making my pics. Oh well.

2014-03-02 19.28.38

And just to make them even more accurate to the “party nails” theme, voilà with a glitter topper:

2014-03-02 16.41.54

2014-03-02 16.42.48

How do you like it? Is this enough party or do you think I failed?
And because we just thought we never mention how much we appreciate each other’s designs… my pick of awesome posts from the lovely ladies:
Munderoon’s: Easy pick because I was so flattered that I inspired her to try this out – Munderoon’s Ombré Nails
Nell’s: Rather easy pick too, because I think I wanna wear something similar to office – Nell’s Holo Vampire
What posts from us inspired you or what posts did you like the best?

Unlike Snowhoney, I knew quite early what I wanted to do with the theme party nails, because there is only one thing I mastered in nailart so far: Ombré nails. But just as Snowhoney, the real thing took me way longer than expected! My first try at decent Ombré nails without a huge amount of colour blocking resulted in such a decent change in colour that it wasn’t really perceptible (and even glittery P2 colours couldn’t really improve on that part).

So I ventured into unknown nailart land (for me!) and tried some stripy-dotted party nails. First of all: here’s what I used and what you need if you want to recreate this truly easy but kinda cool look:

2014-03-03 13.43.13(From right to left)

First, I applied my Base Coat (the usual suspect, reviewed and favourised here) Then I moved on to my base colour, in this case one of the shiny new ones from P2: 080 “Grande Dame”. It works perfectly with only one layer (!) and is a great base for further work. The next step was to find out which pattern I wanted to create on my nails. So I browsed the internet and decided on stripes and plain (absolutely easy) dots.
For the dots I used another P2 polish: 997 “c’est la vie” and for the stripes the third P2 polish: 210 “Diva Expressiva”. And without further ado, I present you the result:

2014-03-03 13.43.22

2014-03-03 13.44.00

As you can see the stripes didn’t stay entirely in their shapes but I’m quite sure that’s because I applied the Top Coat (Essence Quick Dry!) too soon, so it’s something to keep in mind for next time! As for the making of the patterns: the dotts were really quite simple: I just dotted (haha) the brush a long the nail and focused on slight variety in form and size.
The stripes weren’t much harder. I cut normal sticky tape into small stripes (haha again!) and applied them to the nails I wanted to paint. There are only two vital things to that part: make sure the tape is really, really carefully placed and firmly attatched – otherwise the polish will “infiltrate” the no-go areas. The second important thing is to really be patient and wait quite a while before removing the tape carefully.
I would also recommend using an easy covering polish for the stripes, since every layer you have to apply will create a visible difference in the final texture of the nail – it will just look kinda bumpy.
Last but not least, I applied my Top Coat and decided that this was absolutely worth the failed Ombré nails beforehand! 🙂
And I would absolutely recreate this look for the next party!

What do you think? Is this a design you would want to create yourself?

And of course, I do have favourite posts from my fellow sisters as well.

My favourite post of Nell was the easiest one to pick! I loved the OPI look from the “Where Have I Been and What Have I Been Wearing on My Nails” post every since I first laid eyes on it. I think the plain but secretly intense blue Navy colour is already a sight to behold but combined with the Polka Dots, it creates one of the most beautiful combinations I have encountered so far! (And she also introduced the Travelling Polishes 🙂 )

Snowhoney’s posts are always full of polishes my little fangirl heart is dying for. So naturally it was quite hard to decide on one, but I’m gonna go with Snowhoney’s Black Friday Polish Haul #1 because those Holo’s do visit me in my dreams from time to time, dancing a enigmatic dance of awesomeness!

We all know how ginormous my ability for nail art is (um yeah, right). Now, I went a little more anniversary-themed then the other two and it was my first attempt with one of the Flormar Nail Art polishes, which come with a teeny-weeny little brush, very slim but long. It went surprisingly well (read: I didn’t smear the polish all the way up to my ellbows) and I can actually see myself playing with that thing more in the future, I already see myself scribbling words and symbols on my tallons for every proper (and improper) occasion, but you actually may want to see what I did:

Photo 02-03-2014 21 36 19

The polish I used as a base color is probably the best thing about this mani: It is Holo Manolo from the Catrice Luxury Lacquer collection. It may not be the most fiery holo there is but it is a true holo nontheless and that at the drugstore. I painted two coats over Munderoon’s Manhattan base coat (we had an impromptu polish party when we met for her birthday and guess what, we already have made a date for another one, yay us 🙂 ). I used the essence top sealer to finish the polish off, I am happy to report that it didn’t take anything away from the holo effect. Then the Flormar Nail Art polish came into play and I painstakingly drew on the 100 and two stars. I am surprised how much I don’t hate it.

Photo 02-03-2014 21 37 25

Here you can see the holo-effect from a different angle. It’s safe to say there will be a NotD with this and 2 of the other holos from the collection because, let me tell you, the three of us are all over them.

Photo 03-03-2014 19 48 47

My favorite posts of the other two are Snowhoney’s Fuchsia Illusion post – man that thermal looks uh-mazing and the pics are really great! and Munderoon’s Fame Fatal and Circus Confetti because a) it is such an amazing combo and b) Heaven, Texas. Nuff said. 😀

And that was that. Our 100th post. Wow. Still can’t believe how fast we got here. Thanks to everyone who was along for the ride! Here’s to the next 100 🙂


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