Snowhoney’s NotD: Wine Red Microglitter

Hello lovely people!

Today I’ve got a new Nail of the Day for you, again a colour you haven’t seen here before: Kiko’s “Wine Red Microglitter” (254). I have shown you my Kiko polish haul on the blog and you have already seen a few colours, but this one you haven’t had the pleasure with yet.


I love it! The shimmer is visible even when you’re inside, but stunning – of course – when a ray of sunshine finds your nails. The polish appears almost pink in the bottle or intense light, but it really is an amazing tone of red, though I wouldn’t call it wine red exactly. The microglitter makes this classic shade special enough so you will always get a bit of attention for your nails, but is classical enough though you won’t have any problem wearing this at work 😉 (this of course depends on where you work, but I’m pretty sure this polish won’t cause you any trouble!).
Application was easy, streak free and the polish becomes fully opaque in two coats. I do like my Kiko polishes a lot, they are easy to work with and Kiko’s got a nice variety of shades. Maybe you want to take a closer look? => Click here.

Kiko 254 "Wine Red Microglitter"

Kiko 254 “Wine Red Microglitter”

Do you like it?


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