Glam Polish on sale

Hello nailpolish junkies!

Today I thought I’d share a notice with you that I just found: Some of the Glam Polish shades are being discontinued over on MeiMeiSignatures, including my beauty “UFO, OH NO!!!”

Glam Polish "UFO, Oh NO!!!"

Glam Polish “UFO, Oh NO!!!”

The shades being discontinued are the following:
– Jem
– Twister
– Aquanaut
– Ufo Oh No!!!
– Ziggy Stardust
– Planet Purple
– Secret Garden
– Bubble Breeze
– Fraggle Rock
– Nickle Nackle

Plus there will be more! They’re putting more and more shades up for a reduced price!

If you are interested in any of these shades or Glam Polish in general, I recommend you check these out over on MeiMeiSignatures – if you have any concerns about ordering from Singapore, don’t. The team at MeiMeiSignatures does a great job. They pack everything carefully in a lot of bubble wrap to maike sure your polishes come to you in one piece. I never experienced any problems, not even with customs in Germany. The parcel is properly labeled, there is every information on the package that customs need.

I will have a look at the polishes too, but I really shouldn’t buy any more polish as I still have orders on their way to me and will buy in Pahlish’s restock tonight when Part II of the Doctor Who themed collection is up. But we’ll see if I can resist buying more polish 😉 I just thought you guys might be interested in knowing.


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