Snowhoney’s NotD: Une, deux, trois – Meet Rosy Berry

Hello fellow nailjunkies!

Today I want to show you my newest drugstore addition – I really couldn’t resist the “Une, deux, trois” Limited Edition from Catrice. They put out a LE with Blushes, Lipsticks and Nailpolishes all in the same colour range and what can I say? I fell for it because the colour range goes from nude, over rose, to cherry and pink and then on to berry. Love it! I am totally into rose and pink shades at the moment and that LE? I had to buy something.

Well, I left the blushes aside, as I already have more blushes than I use (I don’t use much anyways) and went straight for two lipsticks and their nailpolish pendant:

"Meet Rosy" and "Meet Berry" from Catrice: Une, deux, trois LE

“Meet Rosy” and “Meet Berry” from Catrice: Une, deux, trois LE

Beautiful colours – at least to me! I got them on… thursday? Friday? Saturday? No clue when exactly, but I went straight to painting my nails with them on sunday so you guys can see them up and close right when the Limited Edition hits the shelves.

Meet Rosy Berry NotD

Meet Rosy Berry NotD

As you can see I painted my nails with “Meet Berry” first as a base. Why? Because the boyfriend said so 😀 No really, I showed him a picture and said: dark or bright? And he went right for Meet Berry. But, I wanted to show all of you both colours and decided to go try my dotting skills again (poor, I know! ^^). I dotted two lines on my nails as accents and made a flowery design on my thumb… see here:

2014-02-03 22.03.18

And just because I can, I will give you even more pictures:

Meet Rosy Berry NotD

Meet Rosy Berry NotD

How do you like it?



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