Nell’s NotD: An Ode to Opulence

I showed you my naughty little OPI haul before and now it’s time to wear them one after the other and here is the first one:


OPI Designer Series Opulence

OPI Designer Series Opulence

Yeah, okay. We all knew that would be the first one of the new batch I would try and it is SO nice. Application was super easy and smooth, it was fine in 2 coats but I painted three for depth. As a base I used OPI Nail Envy and my trusted essence top sealer over top. This polish is one of those that ‘drinks up’ top sealer, it adds some gloss but it is not as glassy and shiny as over other polishes.

Opulence is a mauvy pink holopolish with a slight green shift to it. It is not the most fiery holo but it has a lovely depth to it. I don’t know if I like it against my skin, but I just love this polish and I love looking at it, so I think I will get over the skintone thing. Below there are some more pics to show you just how pretty this polish is.

Photo 02-02-2014 15 24 41

direct sunlight

Photo 02-02-2014 15 24 27

indirect sunlight

Photo 02-02-2014 15 24 17

indirect daylight


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