Munderoon’s January 2014 Favourites

Oh lala, it’s February already!

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I sure hope you’ll still or again be up for the Superbowl tonight, which I’m going miss again, because of obvious reasons (aka work and university). But while you’re waiting for this years Bowl, I’m going to entertain you with my January 2014 favourite!


Essence’s 04 Icebreaker, artifical light

“Icebreaker” is part of Essence LE “Ice Ice Baby” and looks phenomenal! In dim light, it looks blue-purpleish, while it reveals a nice little purple-pinkish glamour in direct light. It also looks a bit similar to Catrice “Dirty Berry”, which I reviewed here. It is quite sheer and I’ll probably wear it more as an special topper instead of independent nailpolish, but it is still a very nice colour with very nice features! 🙂

I applied two layers, but I’m sure three would make a slight improvement on the sheer part of life. I started off with my Manhatten Base Coat and the credits for the finish go to my Essence Top Coat!

If you’re interested in more of Essence’s “Ice Ice Baby” nailpolishes, you can click here to view Nell’s review on “Junior Championship”.

As for the rest, have a colourful February and let me know what you favourites were!!




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