Snowhoney’s January 2014 Favourites

Hello nailjunkies!

Today we’ve got another Favourites post for you. I still have no idea how we could have skipped the December Favourites *blush* without anyone noticing. Guess christmas was too busy 😉 and let’s just say I wouldn’t have been able to chose anything special because I tried so many polishes in order to find my perfect christmas manicure…
Today is different. A polish to be my January Favourite is found easily:

NotD Close-Up

Middle and Ringfinger: Esmaltes da Kelly – Emmet McCarthy

Beautiful glitterbomb! Oh yeah and that from someone who has tried to stay away from glitter polishes as they are a pain in the ass to take off, but this beauty (and its brothers I got) is worth the struggle. So pretty, so glittery and so gonna be taken out again soon.
But it wasn’t the only polish in January that made me stare at my nails:

Glam Polish "UFO, Oh NO!!!"

Glam Polish “UFO, Oh NO!!!”

Another beauty I never really expected to impress me that much. This polish feels like spring on my nails and that while being super easy to handle and to take off. Loved it! Gonna wear it again. Soon I guess 😀

And in addition to these beautiful polishes, I have to nominate my Glisten & Glow topcoat HK Girl. I tell you there is no better for me right now. At first I was a bit repelled of the strong scent, but by now I hardly notice it when using HK Girl. This topcoat is so incredibly quick drying and shiny, it’s amazing. Not so good about this topcoat is the fact that a) you have to order it online (no fast re-supply by going out and grabbing it real quick!) and b) it isn’t the cheapest with about 7 or 8 euros per bottle. (Price depending on where you are ordering)
But I really love it and will be ordering again soon.

What did you love in January? Have you tried HK Girl and do you like it?


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