Nell’s NotD: Plumbledore Gets the Blues and a Naughty OPI Haul

When the new Catrice range popped up at one of my favorite drugstores (yes, I have several -.-) I immediately launched the hunt for the two duo chromes that were promised and by chance I found them. No, seriously, one had been shoved into one of the powder slots, the other one lay on its back in its slot which is why it had been overlooked until then. The girl next to me almost murdered me with looks as I clutched my two little beauties to my chest. Sorry,kid, you’ll have to look harder next time [bitch mode: off]. It wasn’t like I ripped them from her hands I legitimately found them in the counter.
Let’s get back on topic here.

Obviously I painted them as soon as I got home and they are really pretty:

Catrice 46 Berry Potter and Plumbledore; Catrice 55 Get The Blues on my ringfinger

Catrice 46 Berry Potter and Plumbledore; Catrice 55 Get The Blues on my ringfinger

You can see two coats over OPI Nail Envy and under essence better than gel nails top sealer. Both still have a slight luminescence to them but the color shift makes it seem completely opaque. A third coat would make the result more intense but I chose to leave it at two.

Catrice 46 Berry Potter and Plumbledore has a reddish purple base with a strong turquoise-green shift. Application was really nice but the brush in my bottle was slightly splayed, at 2.75€ not a huge deal but still a little annoying. The top coat did not kill the shift which is always a plus. Drying time was quick. (Also can we take a second to appreciate that name?! *slumps off to Hogwarts right away)

Catrice 55 Get The Blues is a greenish blue base with a pink and golden shift in the bottle. On the nails there is a shift from darker to lighter blue green, the pink shift is very subtle and only visible in daylight. Again drying time and opacity were good. Even though it doesn’t keep the promise the bottle makes I strangely still like Get The Blues. It is still an interesting polish that I can’t stop staring at.

Berry Potter and Plumbledore and Get The Blues in daylight

Berry Potter and Plumbledore and Get The Blues in daylight

Now, what about the naughty OPI haul you ask? Yeah, that one wasn’t planned. I walked into TK Maxx today on the look out for a Filofax (don’t ask) and stumbled upon the beauty section…. and almost had a heartattack. They had OPI trios for 12.99€. Usually one bottle goes for 16€ alone. Well, I just had to rummage through the trios, didn’t I? Anyway, I did rummage and almost had the second heartattack, I stumbled upon this trio of gorgeousness:

OPI Me Tto Q, OPI Get Your Number, OPI DS Opulence

OPI Me To Q, OPI Get Your Number, OPI DS Opulence

A liquid sand, a Designer Series polish and a very pretty rosy raspberry cream? SOLD!

From Me To Q was limited for QVC and it is a bright rosy raspberry pink cream. The consistency looks a little watery but fairly opaque in the bottle. I will report back once I wear it.

OPI Get Your Number

OPI Get Your Number

Get Your Number was limited in one of the Mariah Carey collections. It is a liquid sand, so OPI’s version of a sand style. It is a middle blue with smaller and bigger silver and holographic glitter. It dries gritty and matte but the holographic glitter gives it a pretty twist. On the nailwheel it looks a little sheer but we’ll see how it performs on the nails. I looked up other people’s reviews of Get Your Number and they said it layers up nicely. Either way I can’t wait to wear it.

OPI DS Opulence

OPI DS Opulence

DS Opulence. A OPI Designer Series. The Unicorn. The polish line I always dreamed of or at least of owning one of them. So here we are. I can cross that one off of my bucket list now *___*.
Opulence is a pretty mauve-pink holographic polish. Just the kind of subtle with a twist I love so much (also HOLO *____*) I applied three coats on the nailwheel without a top coat. I hope my top sealer will bring out the holo more and not ruin it.
The OPI Designer Series features almost exclusively holos (I think there are some sand styles now). The caps of the Designer Series are silver and feel like they are either metal plated or fully made of metal (I can’t really tell). Opulence’s cap feels a little heavier than the regular caps and it feels cooler to the touch. Designer Series polishes were extremely hard to get in Germany and even if you could get them the 25€ price tag probably scared most people off.

nailwheel swatches OPI DS Opulence, OPI Get Your Number

nailwheel swatches OPI DS Opulence, OPI Get Your Number

So yeah, I feel like I really hit the jackpot here, I can’t decide which one to wear first really. Do you have any preferences?



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