Snowhoney’s NotD: Under my skin

Hi nailjunkies!

Today I have a very beautiful, but not  too noticeable colour for you. It is my nude-look for this start of the office-week and I am very happy I have this one on my nails right now. Even colours that most other people will not notice can make you happy, especially when you are a nailpolish-junkie 😉

Fancy Gloss "Under my Skin" & Catrice "Miss Money Penny"

Fancy Gloss “Under my Skin” & Catrice “Miss Money Penny”

Under my skin

Under my skin

Fancy Gloss “Under my skin” is a shimmery light cream/peachy color with tiny peach flakes. At least, that is the description on Mei Mei Signatures website where I have gotten this polish as part of a discovery grab bag. I do agree on the shimmery light cream/peachy colour, but I think the flakes are golden and pink, maybe a few peachy ones too.
When I unwrapped that polish I was amazed by how sweet this polish looked in the bottle and I can tell you, it looks very sweet outside the bottle too. Of course this is a colour that does not scream “look at me”, but sometimes that is exactly what I want.

Direct Light

Direct Light

Indirect Light

Indirect Light

This polish is very light and therefore leaning on the sheer side, but with short nails I reached opacity in two coats, maybe you should add a third for longer nails. Application was easy, the polish a bit thick but very good to work with. You will not have any problem with it. It dried rather quickly, though if you use a good quick dry topcoat it will be even quicker 😉

What do you say? Do you like this peachy polish?


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