Snowhoney’s NotD: Devil in me

Hello nailjunkies!

Today I am going plain polish and that’s it. This is a rather flashy colour for me to wear at the office, but I thought… what the hell, a girl’s gotta get some fun as long as she’s young, right?! 😉 I think the colour is okay-ish for the office, as long as the nails are in shape and the polish is too. What do you think?

Astor Perfect Stay 612 "Devil in me"

Astor Perfect Stay 612 “Devil in me”

Base this time was my essie Help me grow, though I don’t really need help growing them these days but rather keeping them strong. Oh well, I like this base.
Polish is Astor’s Perfect Stay in 612 “Devil in me”, a Heidi Limited Polish. It dries of matte, which I will show you in the following picture, but I don’t like it that much in matte so I put on my Super Shiny Clear Topcoat “HK Girl” from Glisten & Glow. It might become my new all-time favourite, but of course you need to order it online… so we’ll see.
Here you can see (hopefully!) the matte and normal dry off of this polish:

2014-01-22 22.16.22

Too much light in this pic but seriously it was the best I could manage. I hope you can see it. The polish is rather thick and dries incredibly fast, so you have to act real fast while doing your nail or you will ruin everything. And I know what I’m talking about, I ruined three nails like that and had to redo them. Pain in the ass that is, but the polish looks so good now so it was probably worth the trouble.
As I said before, I am not liking this polish in matte (as I often don’t like polishes that dry matte from the beginning, I prefer to matte them later with a topcoat) and from just looking at the bottle I would have never bought it, but I saw swatches online. Swatches with topcoat and I fell in love.

What do you say? Yay or Nay?


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