New in: Nell’s Goodbye Winter Polishes Haul + Swatches

new additions

new additions: clock wise: essence color&go 155 red ahead; 160 deep sea, baby; 129 the boy next door and Catrice  35 Petrolpolitan

It is that time of the year again where Catrice and essence get rid of products that didn’t do so well or that were only meant for the fall/winter or spring/summer period. What that means for us is kissing goodbye some of our favorite products and shop the sale. essence reduces their products to .95€ a piece, Catrice used to reduce everything to 1.75€ which is still a bargain but this year the reduction was not uniform but the cheapest products went at 1.35€ the most ‘expensive’ ones at 2.25 which was still more than half price down. Enough on the numbers let’s hop into what I bought:

From the essence color&go range (you know that that’s one of my faves 😀 ) I picked up 155 red ahead, which is a muted dried blood- kind of color, a browny red cream, and because I love my muted colors I also picked up 160 deep sea, baby which is a blackened mossy green. It reminds me a lot of Stylenomics by essie, can anyone comment on that? Last but not least I bought 129 the boy next door, a very pretty shimmery middle blue (Snowhoney wore it here). It may come in handy for the Superbowl in 12 days, though the Seahawks are a little deeper blue I think. We’ll see.

From Catrice I only hauled Petrolpolitan which is a muted (again. sorry.) seagreen with blue and green shimmer. I hope the shimmer shows up on the nails. If not it is still a pretty kind of special color.

nailwheel swatches (left to right): Catrice Petrolpolitan, color&go the boy next door, deep sea, baby, red ahead

nailwheel swatches (left to right): Catrice Petrolpolitan, color&go the boy next door, deep sea, baby, red ahead

I will update this post with nailwheel swatches when I come home. I’m still wearing my Gameday mani and I can’t justify taking it off just yet, it still looks awesome even though I’ve had it on since saturday (it’s wednesday as I write this). And I hate taking off glitter polishes. Still. Despite the essence Superhero remover. Hmph. Oh BTW, if you were thinking about getting essence color&go time for romance which I featured in last sunday’s gameday mani (the pinky glitter) you might want to act fast, it is being discontinued as well!

Alrighty then, read you soon! I still have another NotD in the tube, to tide you over until I can bring myself to take off the gameday mani 🙂


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