Munderoon’s NotD: Run, Run Rudolph!

One month.

One. Friggin. Month.

I am sorry! Really am! For the past few weeks I obviously haven’t been the best nailpolish addict around town, but there are two very good reasons for it!

Number 1: Work. Loads of it. Urgh

Number 2: My nails were damaged up to the critical point of “Do not attempt to apply nailpolish!”

But for now, they are quite good and healed up to a level where I can look at them closely without being sad that there won’t go any polish on them in the next few days!

Also there is a new camera in the game, which might help with the crappy pictures I took so far 🙂

So, with that much to catch up, I decided to catch up properly! Because the Nailpolish I wore this past weekend was one from Essence’s Holiday Collection. In case you don’t know about these, here are all of them!

I own two of them and today I’m going to blog about my date with Number o2 “Run, Run Rudolph!”


Essence 02 “Run, Run Rudolph” – Holidays Collection 2013

The polish convinced me because of its lovely red colour. It’s a bit coral, but with a nice touch of diva red lips. In combination with the glittery red special topper (on the picture above at the bottom), it becomes a sparkly Christmas treat, also convincing for other occasions.


“Run, Run Rudolph” combined with my Essence Top and my Manhattan Base Coat

And this is the result! I was very satisfied with it, when I first put the polish on my nails, because it actually kept its colour promise. Which was a relief, because the other Holiday Polish I own was a dark purple in its phial, but turned out to be a chocolate kind of brown. (Not a bad thing, but still not the promised colour!)

Another positive thing about “Run, Run Rudolph!” was that Essence put their Fast Dry mixture into the glittery special topper, because once applied it is almost as fast as my Essence Fast Dry Top Coat.

So, when I first wore this polish, I was very happy with it, but here comes the bad part:

I was happy with it for about 13,5 hours. Because this polish is everything but resistent!

Since I didn’t wore my Top Coat with it the first time, it was almost expected, because that’s what happens everytime I do not use a Top Coat. This time although I used my Top Coat with it, but it didn’t make a huge difference. I think there might be an advantage of maybe 2 hours, still not something to be proud of though.

On the one hand, its missing resistance is quite annoying, on the other hand: it is designed for the Holidays. Maybe their plan was to make those polishes like a stunning evening appearance: breath taking but oh so short…

I still love the colour, but I might think about it twice next time I want to use it.

What about you? What are your experiences with the Holiday collection?





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