Snowhoney’s NotD: UFO, Oh No!!!

Hello nailjunkies 🙂

How are you all today? I hope you are better than me as I am extremely tired and have to do stuff for my appartment over the next two days (that means normal workday plus then doing stuff like painting the walls and assembling furniture). Hope I will at least sleep well tonight then.

On to the pretty nails I have obtained by painting a pretty polish from Glam Polish:

Glam Polish "UFO, Oh NO!!!"

Glam Polish “UFO, Oh NO!!!”

I am not really a fan of white nails and I would have never bought this polish if I hadn’t gotten it in a mystery grab bag. But I can assure you it is just pretty.
The blobs of colour that are mixed into this white base are just really cute and – don’t know for you but for me those are proper spring nails! It just felt like spring on my nails and I love it! I will definitely wear this polish again.

Glam Polish "UFO, Oh No!!!"

Glam Polish “UFO, Oh No!!!”

It applied well and streak free, though you will have to be careful where to place the bits sometimes. It was rather opaque in one coat, but I applied two for reasons. Mainly because I always do at least two nowadays and because I felt the white needed to be a strong base for the colours to really come out.

I like it. How about you? Feeling the spring?


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