Nell’s NotD: Sexy Plum

Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet one of my most favorite nailpolishes of all time:

NYX 123 Sexy Plum

NYX 123 Sexy Plum

Colorwise this is THE perfect nailpolish for me: a deep dark base jam-packed with  burgundy-brownish red shimmer *__*

Formula-wise it is very nice, too. The first coat goes on streaky but the second coat evens everything out and the color becomes rich and opaque. The lasting power is okay, I’ve had it on for four days now and it just started to chip on the sides and developed minor tip wear. Since I usually paint my nails every 3 or 4 days, that’s fine.

NYX in general is fairly expensive for what it is here in Germany. I remember they tried to launch the brand at just under MAC prices once (MAC is 19.50€ for per lipstick and 18€ per eyeshadow). Only a massive back lash in the blogging community and amongst customers forced them to reduce prices (they still come in well above L’Oréal and Max Factor prices).

Due to that I only have one of their nailpolishes and I am not willing to buy any more, but this one was just to good to pass up.
Aaaaand once again I’m wearing this with my OPI Nail Envy and essence better than gel nails top sealer in high gloss.


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