New in: Nell’s essence Ice Ice Baby Haul+ Swatch

This one is a little different because it includes a little more than nailpolish but since it is still very nail-centric and I didn’t know where else to feature the clip I thought what the hell and put it on here. I hope you are okay with it!

When I received the press release I was quite excited because this LE promised a hand cream with coconut oil and holo polishes (but with essence we all know what that means. Duochrome. At best.)

Either way I jumped for the LE when it came out and here is what I got:

Ice Ice Baby Haul

Ice Ice Baby Haul

Ice Ice Baby 24h hand protection balm 01 let me hold your hand
I have to say I am impressed! The last essence hand cream I had was so horrid that I threw it out because it didn’t do anything at all for my hands and I hated the smell. Now this is a whole different story! It is thick and buttery and contains coconut oil and shea butter and really gets the job done. It says it won’t leave an oily residue but on me it does, at least it takes 5 minutes or so to sink in. It doesn’t kick my hand san Winter handcream of its throne but it is a really nice balm to apply before going to bed just before lights out when I won’t touch anything anymore for the next six or so hours. The scent is okay but nothing to write home about for me. So yes. Good, solid product that deeply moisturizes. I like.

essence Ice Ice Baby 01 Junior Championship

essence Ice Ice Baby 01 Junior Championship

Ice Ice Baby 01 Junior Championship
Junior Championship is a very sheer off white with a purpley pink shift. In the picture you can see three (!) coats over OPI Nail Envy and under essence better than gel nails top coat. I surprisingly really like this. It makes your nails look really nice and put together but the purple-pink shift stops it from looking completely bland. This might be one that you can sneak into even a rather conservative office. For me this here would be the perfect solution for a nude without the feeling of selling my soul. It applied completely stress- and streakfree, dried quickly and the even the topper couldn’t bury the shimmer. Another like πŸ™‚

As for the clip, this thing is really neat. I hate it when my earphones are flopping around in my bag but lugging the box everytime is just really impractical. The clip has a snap fastener and keeps my cables nice and rolled up until I need them again. (BTW, I’ve had my ear pods for over a year and they are still going strong. Apple got something very right there.)

Don’t worry I am not planning on blogging every single day now, I just had so much I wanted to write up and there are two more posts in the tube. One of them is going up tomorrow just in time for the divisional play offs but the other one is so late already that I may hold it for another day or two. Either way I hope you’re all well and having a lovely day! Read you tomorrow πŸ™‚


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