Snowhoney’s NotD: Rock the boat, Emily!

Hello sweet nailjunkies!

Today I have a new Nail of the Day for you. I will try to be more active on the blogging side of my life (that’s kind of a new year’s resolution for me) and as the year just started and I had a bit more time… I take it to show you some more colours.

Rock the Boat, Emily

Rock the Boat, Emily

For this NotD I used two coats of essie’s Rock the Boat from last year’s summer collection. The polish is very sheer at the beginning and definitely needs two or three coats to be opaque. I only used two where I would normally use three as I intended on topping it anyways.
Different Dimension’s Emily (from the “Pretty Little Liars” collection) topped this NotD off with one coat. This was my bf’s choice and I wanted to wear it on its own, but realized quickly that it needed a base. This is a rather easy to handle polish and applies great.
To make all of it dry quicker I used my Lacura Topcoat and my Glisten and Glow HK Girl.

Rock the Boat, Emily

Rock the Boat, Emily

Another resolution is to do more Nail Art stuff and that includes my newly bought (okay it was at the beginning of December) water decals and nail stickers from the Born Pretty Store.

Do you have any beauty-related new year’s resolutions going on? Tell me about it in the comments!


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