More Cherry Popping: Nell’s First Nail Mail

If you follow my personal blog too, you’ll know that I made forays into things that I previously had tried to avoid such as buying beauty boxes. And then there was the Darling Diva 20% off +mystery bottle code for etsy and I caved.

I knew Snowhoney had ordered from the brand before and that I had tried two of their awesome polishes once at her place, which made the decision to buy easier. Usually I am really reluctant to buy from countries that are outside of Europe but buying from etsy is relatively safe so I went for it and today a padded envelope with goodies arrived for me.

Photo 09-01-2014 16 42 14


Photo 09-01-2014 16 42 35


Photo 09-01-2014 16 42 55

more bubblewrap

Photo 09-01-2014 16 48 30

and here they are

Two of these shades I ordered the third was the mystery bottle (now is the time to make an educated guess in the comments which is which 😀 no snooping!)

Darling Diva Polish Ringer

Darling Diva Polish Ringer

The first one I picked up is Ringer. It’s a very sheer purple base jam packed with smaller and slighter bigger multichrome glitters. The range of the glitter goes from orange, pink, deep red to blue and green. I was allowed to test drive this at Snowhoney’s and couldn’t get it out of my head ever since.

Darling Diva Polish Raven

Darling Diva Polish Raven

Ooooh the beauty that is Raven! It’s a black holo polish with some purple glitters mixed in. I think this is my first ‘proper’ holo and it took my heart by a storm!

Darling Diva Princess Celestia

Darling Diva Polish Princess Celestia

This leaves the mystery bottle (did you guess correctly?) Usually I am no big fan these kinds of polishes but I am fully prepared to fall in love with this one. It IS really pretty in the bottle, no? It is a milky white base with an assortment of glitters dispersed in it, among them large purple diamond shapes, yellow flowers, large baby pink squares and baby blue hexes, smaller iridescent hexes and smaller baby pink and blue squares and tiny turquoise, baby pink, baby blue, purple and iridescen hexes. Whoa!

And of course I had to whack them onto my nails right away. These are just raw swatches without the clean up because I wanted to get the post up by tonight. Raven and Ringer are swatched in two coats over my p2 Ridgefiller and two coats of essence color&go 144 black is back which is just a plain black cream (I adore this one, a good black cream is such a staple). Princess Celestia is two coats over the ridgefiller. With this it took some dabbing and pushing to get the glitter sort of even (I really have to learn to better apply glitters like this), Raven and Ringer were completely streakfree and even. I will have to try Raven on its own at some point, it seemed to be really opaque in two coats. I finished everything with a coat of my essence better than gel nails top sealer.

right hand

right hand

Photo 09-01-2014 21 50 37

left hand

close up Raven

close up Raven

close up Ringer

close up Ringer







2 thoughts on “More Cherry Popping: Nell’s First Nail Mail

    • ringer is SO pretty! i know it is supposed to be a dupe of sth but i have never seen anything like this before 🙂

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