What is wrong with my nails?!

Hi everyone!

Today is gonna be short and it’s probably gonna be a rambling of some sort. I apologize in advance.
Some days just suck and we all know that as it happens to the best of us. But I have no idea why it had to be me today. After a very unpleasent night (waking up all the time because the wind was howling… or a dog barked… or people were shouting), I had the unfortunate luck to have a nail fall off in the morning.
How does that happen? I have no freaking idea but it did. Oh, maybe I should mention that it is not as my nail is somehow missing, but all the polish on it chipped of. Like really all of it in one piece!

I have had that a couple of times in the last month or so and it really pisses me off. There is a reason I’m always doing my nails at night and it’s a very obvious one: because I have time. That is exactly what I did not have this morning, but still, I repainted the nail and made sure the Quick Dry Topcoat was doing its work.
So, being late on my way to work, I was already feeling like today would suck… but imagine how pissed I was after, arriving at the parking lot, finding out that two nails on the other hand had just chipped off, too – in the car. Holding a steering wheel and not doing what the hell do I know it would take to manage this to happen?!

The obvious answer would be: of course you are wearing your Peel Off Basecoat. But no, I did not. Neither did I when that happened before.
I demand to know what causes this! And I want my answer right now. *sigh* I know I won’t because I suppose I know what causes it… my nailcare products. I have been testing some things in the last month or so: Nail Hardeners, Nail Whiteners, Nail Balms and so on. Apparently I should lay off some of those, because something is obviously not meant for my nails.

Did this ever happen to you?


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