Snowhoney’s NYE NotD: Excalibur Super Man!

Hello lovely people!

Today I wanna show you what I wore on New Year’s Eve. I would’ve posted it earlier, but I had no time, unfortunately. For NYE I’ve been to a German city called Essen and had a sit-in with 5 guys. Yep, you read right: 5 guys and… me. Well, it was actually fun and we had a good time, so I don’t wanna make it seem like it was awful 😉 but I’m pretty sure none of them appreciated my manicure xD

Base: Excalibur by A-England

Base: Excalibur by A-England

essence's Super, Man! over A-England's Excalibur

essence’s Super, Man! over A-England’s Excalibur

I fear you don’t really see the silver holo-greatness that is Super, Man! on these pictures, but maybe you recall the swatches Nell made for all of us back when the Limited edition came out? No? Here they are… click!

nail sticker (stars) on thumb and ringfinger

nail sticker (stars) on thumb and ringfinger

What do you think? Have you had a bit of bling bling on your nails for the New Year? Do you like my combo?


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