Snowhoney’s Black Friday Polish Hauls #1: ILNP

Hello my darling readers!

Black Friday, this famous day when the whole christmas retail business-craze starts… we don’t have that in Germany (apart from amazon maybe), but I’ve seen last year how many awesome deals are coming up on that special day after Thanksgiving OR on Cyber Monday that follows… this was when my indie polish obsession started.
This year I was prepared (kinda *sigh*) and talked about it beforehand with Kodachi and now comes what always has to come when her name pops up: she made me crave a polish or two 😉

One offer on Black Friday was… I Love Nail Polish or short: ILNP. As I had seen lots of pictures of their polishes before… I was thrilled, but never came around to buy a polish or two. This year’s Black Friday was the perfect occasion to buy those Holo-beauties:



Aren’t they just lovely too look at, even still packed away? I think this packaging is really nice work. I love myself a black packaging and with the little pink heart and the heart to sneak a peek at the amazing polish inside? A dream.

Nail Wheel Swatch

Nail Wheel Swatch

Unfortunately, you cannot see Purgatory (okay, not really a Holo but the others are ^^) in all its glory on this picture… the light just sucks in winter at night 😉 But I never find the time to swatch in broad daylight these days. But click here to see it in the shop 🙂 Looking at it up close I can see the description from the homepage being brought to life:

Purgatory is an eerily deep and dark teal polish loaded with the perfect combination of sparkle and multichrome effect pigments.
In direct light you’ll easily catch beautiful hints of the gold and blue twinkle packed inside. In low-light and around the curves of your nail you’ll enjoy the subdued and beautiful primary color of the polish.
Purgatory is part of ILNP’s Rich Effect series of nail polishes. Rich Effect polishes are formulated with deep color and complimentary effect pigments; specifically designed to exhibit a sophisticated and luxurious look on your fingertips.
Fully opaque after 1 to 2 coats!

On the wheel I used two coats as the first one turned out to be a bit streaky. But it still seemed to apply smoothly and I had no problem whatsoever to paint with gentle strokes.

You’re my Boy Blue is a sweet and kinda innocent blue Holo that reminds me of Different Dimension’s Stronger (I will try to swatch them together in the future to see if they’re dupes!). It was a colour that appealed to me from the moment I saw it in the shop. The swatch on the nailwheel actually seems to be pretty accurate with this colour, but you can’t see how sparkling the Holo effect is on that one. I assure you it’s there and it’s amazing! See the pics in the shop here.

You’re My Boy Blue is a very special baby blue holographic nail polish. Dust In The Wind.
Jam packed with holographic pigment, You’re My Boy Blue falls into ILNP’s “Ultra Holo” class of holographic nail polishes.

"You're my Boy Blue" on middle and ring finger, rest is "1st and 15th"

“You’re my Boy Blue” on middle and ring finger, rest is “1st and 15th”

Next up is 1st and 15th a pretty green Holo that makes me think of lush green lands and a healthy forest. That probably sounds totally stupid, but hey, that’s what I see when I look at it. I’m not sure I’ll be able to take my eyes away from this one in the next days 😉 click to look at more amazing pics from the shop.

1st and 15th is a spectacular bright green holographic nail polish that sparkles like nothing else! It’s like finding money on the ground!
Jam packed with holographic pigment, 1st and 15th falls into ILNP’s “Ultra Holo” class of holographic nail polishes.

Ultra Holo is the word and man it really is ULTRA HOLO. I already love “You’re my Boy Blue” and I love “1st and 15th” even more!

You're my Boy Blue & 1st and 15th

You’re my Boy Blue & 1st and 15th

To finish up the haul, here comes Indie Go. Amazing blue-purple base with a Holo that makes the polish shimmer in so many different colours that I will not even try to name them all. Green, Pink and of course blue to name just a few I see there. Make sure to check this to see this polish in the shop.

Indie Go is a spectacular holographic polish like none other! The stunningly rich finish and added blue sparkle effect pigments really set this polish apart from other holographic polishes out there.
Look close and you’ll notice a lovely color shift as well!
There’s a lot going on in every bottle of Indie Go and it all comes together perfectly. If you’re after a bright and fun holographic polish, give Indie Go a chance. I know you’ll be pleased!
Fully opaque after 2 coats!

And, would you have guessed? This is THE polish I craved for because of Kodachi. Why? Look here 😉 She made it look so awesome and even as I haven’t seen myself as much of a blue fan, the last few months that colour range has grown on my and I’m beginning to discover it for myself.

You're my Boy Blue, Indie Go, Purgatory, 1st and 15th (f.l.t.r.)

You’re my Boy Blue, Indie Go, Purgatory, 1st and 15th (f.l.t.r.)

Anything that tickles your fancy?! 😉


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