Munderoon’s November Favourites

Look who’s terribly late to the November-Favourites-Party!

Sorry for being late (and not entirely present in this blog at the moment), but I promise to do some more nail posts in the not too distant future again.

I have only one polish as my November favourite, because it was the last one I was wearing before my nails literally broke apart because of work and infinite stress in the past few weeks.

But with the ultimate Marvel-Movies-Year to come, you might enjoy this polish, which will definitely be a part of my “Captain America – Return of the Winter Soldier” cinema event!

I present to you:


Flormar’s 431

It has an absolutely stunning finish, which is perfectly keeping up the good work for several days, even after almost a year in my posession. I applied two layers, based on my usual Base Coat and followed by my Essence Top Coat.

The picture above shows the polish in artifical light, where it seems to be more dark, while it is a nice, bright sky-blue colour in daylight.

Probably one of my favourite blue nailpolish colours in a while!

Enjoy December,



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