Nell’s NotD: essence Dark Romance 02 Red Romance The Matt

I’m sorry it took me so lang but here it finally is the first NotD with Red Romance from the Dark Romance collection.

essence Dark Romance 02 Red Romance The Matt

essence Dark Romance 02 Red Romance The Matt

Remember when I was whining about that there was no proper ‘dried-blood-kinda-color’, well with this polish this has been rectified. Red Romance is just that, it is a brownish deep red. If you compare it to Catrice Rockby which I showed you some time in October, the essence polish is definitely more brown whereas Rockby is more berry/blue (which is my brilliant excuse for having bought both of them, that and Rockby was on sale. So there.)

Quality-wise, well, first off you can tell I botched the whole thing. I think my hands were still a little shakey from being sick, but I just couldn’t control the brush. Other than that it was opaque in two coats and it dried rather quickly. Initially it was nice and matte but unfortunately like so many matte polishes before surely a lot after it, the matte effect rubs off rather quickly (I just painted them yesterday and look how shiny they are no 24 hours later). Due to the lack of protective top sealer I also already have tipwear. Keep in mind that I do use my hands a lot throughout the day. (oh, base was Nail Envy by OPI again)

All in all I’d say it is a good polish. If you insist on the matte effect you will probably have to freshen it up with a matte topcoat once it comes off. I do like the matte effect, but for the future I think I will wear it with the topsealer just to be able to keep it on longer. If you like the color and you can still get your hands on it, go for it, it sure is nice!


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