Snowhoney’s caught up on NotD’s

Hello everyone!
Whoa, I’ve had a hell of a week (not only the last two days, but pretty much the last week too)… and on top of loads of work (and even more) I got a stiff back and neck, paired with a throbbing headache and stinging eyes to the point I would love to have carved them out. Well, I feel a little bit better tonight (finally!) and want to give you guys a round up on my mani(s).

2013-11-05 21.12.31
This I put on my nails on sunday (last week) and it lasted til… well, wednesday. As you can see I used my dotting tool again and dang I gotta get the hang of it. Really dislike this mani. I did too much, right? Maybe the lines or the dotting but not both at the same time.
But, it stayed on so perfectly I couldn’t bring myself (or my time schedule) to put something else on.

2013-11-05 21.15.34
The products I used: Sally Hansen Miracle Cure as base, essie’s Cashmere Bathrobe, Catrice’s Floralilac (from the Eve in Bloom Limited Edition) and Catrice’s Gel-Like Topcoat (I just wanna finish this one off, don’t like it all!).
On tuesday I got mail and whoa was I thrilled to unpack this!

2013-11-06 18.10.29
Doesn’t the package look amazing? Love dragons – did you know?! I love those fantastic creatures so this packaging got me swooning. Still got it, but I will have to let it go. What to do with it?! ^^

Soflajo #1
Soflajo #2
Couldn’t resist these beauties when I stumbled upon them. SoFlaJo is the brand where you will find these beauties. If you are interested, look here. Let me tell you: beautiful! And from ordering to getting a note that they have been sent and the “Have fun with it” note: everything was great with that shop. I can recommend!
What I got are five polishes from the year of the dragon Collection (or at least that is what it is called). These are all pretty much topcoats but they have a beautiful colour shift when you move the bottle (or the nail). So, what do you think I did? Yeah, right, painted one beauty right on top of my still pretty perfect mani:

2013-11-06 22.45.03 2013-11-06 22.45.23 2013-11-06 22.45.32
Loved it so much, it stayed on until…. friday? saturday? Oh no, sunday! A whole week I had had this mani on. Wow, huh? Yeah, I wowed myself there 😀 but then it was time for a new NotD. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics of that (D’OH!) but I can tell you I painted on No°7’s Stay Perfect Nail Colour “Damson Dream”. Beautiful deep red, but I wasn’t happy with the lasting though. Had tipwear after a day and I used my essence gellike fast dry-topcoat! My go-to choice and it still didn’t last. So by today I couldn’t have it on my nails any more. I haven’t painted my nails with something else yet, will go bare for a day or two 😉 sometimes the nails need that.

Anyone tried some No°7 polishes? What were your experiences? And what do you say to those beautiful new additions?

See you soon,

P.S.: Yes I will show you swatches on the nail wheel soon, hadn’t had the time yet, but I swear I will show you those Year of the Dragon beauties!


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