Nell’s NotD: Holo Superman

Photo 08-11-2013 23 07 07 Photo 08-11-2013 23 07 41 Photo 08-11-2013 23 12 00


I may have gone a little overboard with the picture here, but I tried my hardest to capture the beauty that is essence Superheroes 04 Super, man. It says holo effect on the bottle and it is the best holo essence has done yet. It actually is a silver foil-like metallic which has holo glitters shot through it. I do like this polish and the holo effect is very firey and pretty but, the holo glitter is considerably thicker than the consistency of the polish so it dries very rough. ‘But woman, you like textured polishes, sand style, remember?!’ I hear you say and yes I do, but when the holo doesn’t come out, so whenever you are out of the sun or don’t have an artificial light that brings out the holo it just looks like you have terribly bubbled up silver nailpolish on. Also you definitely need a THICK coat of topcoat even with the essence better than gel nails top sealer, which already is a thick gel-like polish to even out the gritty finish this nailplolish has.

All of that whining and dining being done, I DID like it. It is opaque in two coats with a good amount of glitter distributed on the nail, it dried very quickly and it is not prone to chipping. I will definitely wear this again but maybe not back to back as I did with the thermo effect polish. In the pictures above I used my usual combo of OPI Nail Envy as a base and essence better than gel nails top sealer on top.


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